Baccarat Millionaire Information and How to Become One

I know how to win at Baccarat and it has taken me over 40 years to come up with the solution that actually works. I do not need to teach anyone but as I get older I suppose it is a good reason as any to help others.  I know every approach or system that you have ever tried or heard of. Winning at Baccarat is not something magical as many players seem to think or it is not based on a statistics that can be tracked in individual games. I have tracked every statistic in individual games from Banker and Player Average Hand totals, Naturals, Patterns that repeat, Counting Strategies, Money Management and other betting systems.  All win sometimes but in the end,  at best you will lose a little, then after years and years of trying, I discovered the secret to winning Baccarat and I can show you w to do it. You will not find it in any book.  I will tell you it is not based on trying to predict the next hand nor is it based on a huge Bankroll. It is based upon several factors that you can learn and implement.  How much can you make, the sky is the limit if you have a reasonable bankroll to play with.  You can make millions of dollars if you stick to these principles.

The reason it has taken years to develop is that most gamblers who play Baccarat concentrate on single games and events, but there are other factors that are more important to understand and few gamblers embrace or know these concepts.  Sure statistics in games will help you win but these in combination with other factors are what propels you into the realm of a real and consistent winner. The secret is now by some but you never hear from them.  You may have seen them paly once in a while, the person who has an uncanny ability to consistently predict the majority of the hands in a Baccarat Game. Think back to the last time you saw someone play like that, they new except when to bet more and when not to.  They were able to predict naturals and strong hands.  Those players know what this secret is and they know how to win.  I can teach you this.

What is this worth well certainly worth more than the average approach, after all, most systems eventually lose.  But this isn’t an approach it is a strategy for play that takes time to master.  That’s why to learn this we must set up at least three sessions of 4 or more hours to go over everything.  I will do this online and be happy to assist you any way I can.  If you want to do it online I can do it for $7500 USD.  If you prefer and want to meet in person I will and we will need three days in a major casino town, either Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Payment is made via Certified Check or wire transfer.  Online is payable in full before the lesson starts and is done via online screen sharing tool and conversation directly with me. For in-person training, it is payable 50% before and then 50% at the conclusion of the three-day session. I have done three online sessions and one in person. I will not disclose my clients except to say they are happy,  Additionally, I ask that you do not disclose my identity if we do the in-person session.  There really isn’t a lot of hype to write about on this page so if you want more information,  email me.  Skeptical? I don’t blame you but I will tell you this I am the real deal. You can waste your entire life getting information that has no value this I will make you a winner BIG TIME.  There isn’t anything more to say or write.

If you are interested please email 0r if you prefer to give me a call and we can chat about it a bit. 702.321.5169.